National Service Scheme (N.S.S)

National Service Scheme - Our Motto "NOT ME, BUT YOU".

Total Units: 5, 3 for Boys and 2 for Girls


- To develop a national consciousness among the youth.
- To generate social awareness among the students.
- To promote the dignity of labour among the educated.
- To strengthen the spirit of service and sacrifice in the younger generation.

Regular Programmes

- Environmental awareness - poster competition, debate, discussions in open forum.
- Medical project - blood donation camp, Awareness about AIDS.
- Special coaching classes to the elderly persons during camp.
- Rural upliftment - camping in rural areas for 15 days.
- Debate on National and Social Issues.

All Contact

- For Boys

  • Unit 01
    Dr. Sudhakar Upadhyay
    M. 8299690250
    (Program Officer)
  • Unit 03
    Dr. Balram Dwivedi
    M. 9450266409
    (Program Officer)
  • Unit 04
    Dr. Rajeev Kuamr Niranjan
    M. 7007517399
    (Program Officer)

- For Girls

  • Unit 02
    Dr. Varsha Sahu
    M. 9889976935
    (Program Officer)
  • Unit 05
    Dr. Anita
    M. 7518830100
    (Program Officer)