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    The place where you will be able to recover and bring yourself back to the path.
    Future that is waiting for you starts from here.

Welcome To Nehru Mahavidyalaya

About Us

Uttar Pradesh's brave maternity in India has been the carrier of literature, culture, art, religion, spirituality and bravery since the beginning of Bundelkhand. In this Bundeli land, Lalitpur district which is covered with natural beauty situated at the treaty of present Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, has captured the glorious golden past full of immortal stories of bravery, sacrifice, sculpture and spirituality in its zenith.

Along with other development after independence, acute need was felt for the physical progress of higher education in Lalitpur district, due to which serious thinking started by social workers and intellectuals to establish a higher education institution in the city. The untiring efforts of many social activists and intellectuals of the district, under the guidance of former manager Dr. Shadilal Dubey, Mr. Pandit Harihar Narayan Chaubey, Mr. Gopikrishna Arora, started from March 1961. In 1968, the first institute of higher education was established in the shape of Nehru Mahavidyalaya.

Principals' Desk

The search for the ultimate truth and the guru-shishya relationship associated with it have been the specialties of Indian culture since ancient times. There is a big difference between a guru and a teacher: after learning from a teacher, there may be a need to learn or know from someone else, but after learning from a guru, or after receiving the guru’s grace, nothing remains. There are many teachers in a person’s life, but there is usually only one guru.

The word "student" (छात्र) is made up of the Sanskrit words “chhatr” (छत्र) and “na” (ण), which are masculine nouns or adjectives. In ancient Indian tradition, the child was handed over to the guru (teacher) for education. In the order of service, these students used to hold a chhatr (छत्र) or an umbrella above the head of the guru (teacher). Those who walked behind their teacher or guru holding a chhatr (छत्र) or an umbrella came to be called students.

Higher education is not only important for getting a livelihood, grooming it, and providing proper opportunities for it; it is also useful for getting great cultural experiences and more opportunities and possibilities in life.

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M.A., Ph.D. (HINDI)

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This course is designed for students who wish to combine theory and practice to build an understanding of how businesses operate. Graduates will gain analytical, technical and practical skills alongside a solid grounding
in business to prepare you for the contemporary workforce and a global career.




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