Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts or BA is one of the most demanding undergraduate programmes in Arts.BA can be pursued in various disciplines such as English, Hindi, History, Journalism, and Psychology etc
(A) Compulsory Subject
  • 1. Hindi Literature
  • 2. English Literature
  • 3. Sanskrit Literature
  • 4. Economics
  • 5. Psychology
  • 6. Sociology
  • 7. History
  • 8. Political Science
  • 9. Home Science
  • 10. Physical Education

In B.A. first Semester only three subjects out of the above mentioned subjects willbe allotted by the university. Students will have to choose three subjects. Inthe third year (5th Semester), any one of the above mentionedsubjects will have to be left. It means that Students will have to select anythree major (main) subjects/papers (Major 1, 2 & 3) for the first two years(first, second, third and fourth semesters) from own faculty and continue tostudy any two major subjects/papers in the third year (fifth and sixthsemester) as Major 1 & 2 and Major 3 will be left in the third year

(B) Optional Subject- (According to Index)

Studentswill have to select any 3 Minor Elective course as Minor 1, Minor 2, Minor 3 ineach semester.

Scope and Career Opportunities After BA

Candidates who successfully complete the BA course are qualified for employment in both the public and private sectors. Numerous businesses in both the public and commercial sectors hire BA graduates. Candidates get qualified to work in a variety of industries, including educational institutions, law firms, media corporations, and many more. Candidates may work as content writers, counsellors, HR managers, primary school teachers, psychologists, foreign language experts, social workers, and any other job areas.

Primary School Teacher After receiving their BA, individuals are qualified to apply for the position of Primary School Teacher. However, in order to apply for the position of primary school teacher, candidates must hold a B.Ed. or a related degree. A primary school teacher's job is to instruct kids in fundamental disciplines including math, the arts, literature, and other things.

Social Worker After earning a BA degree, candidates can work as social workers and contribute significantly to societal well-being. The social well-being of society is the responsibility of a social worker.

Counselor A BA graduate can pursue a career in counselling. She or he can mentor, instruct, or provide academic assistance to students. They can aid students in developing their careers and mentor them in a variety of other life skills.