B.Sc. Science

B.Sc. Science

BSc or Bachelor of Science is a 3-year undergraduate academic degree offered in the Science stream.A BSc degree can be studied in both Honors and General courses. The difference is that BSc Hons involves a combination of elective and foundation courses whereas BSc General deals with basic knowledge about BSc.
(A) Compulsory Subject
  • 1. B.Sc. (Math/Bio Group)
  • 2. B.Sc. Match (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  • 3. B.Sc. Bio(Chemistry,Zoology,Botany)

B.Sc.(Math/Bio Group) B.Sc. Match (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) and B.Sc. Bio(Chemistry,Zoology,Botany) is a three year course. Students will have to choose three subjects. Inthe third year (5th Semester), any one of the above mentioned subjectswill have to be left. It means that Students will have to select any threemajor (main) subjects/papers (Major 1, 2 & 3) for the first two years(first, second, third and fourth semesters) from own faculty and continue tostudy any two major subjects/papers in the third year (fifth and sixthsemester) as Major 1 & 2 and Major 3 will be left in the third year

(B) Optional Subject- (According to Index)

Students will have to select any 3 MinorElective course as Minor1, Minor2, Minor3 in each semester.

Scope and Career Opportunities After B.Sc. Science

B.Sc graduates have several career opportunities. After pursuing a particular course from the above-given options, graduates or postgraduates can look for employment opportunities in the following sectors depending upon their skills, specialization, and field of interest.

  • 1. Oil Industry
  • 2. Agriculture Industry
  • 3. Educational Institutes
  • 4. Food Institutes
  • 5. Space Research Institutes
  • 6. Hospitals
  • 7. Health Care Providers
  • 8. Chemical Industry