Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Our Bachelor of Commerce offers a wide variety of subject options, hands-on learning experiences and a strong grounding in business. Take advantage of international exchange and work placement opportunities and tailor your degree to launch your career in virtually any field, anywhere in the world.
(A) Compulsory Subject

StudentsWill have to study compulsory subjects according to the semesters. There willbe examination in every half of these semesters. Students will have to choose threesubjects. In the third year (5th Semester), any one of the abovementioned subjects will have to be left. It means that Students will have toselect any three major (main) subjects/papers (Major 1, 2 & 3) for thefirst two years (first, second, third and fourth semesters) from own facultyand continue to study any two major subjects/papers in the third year (fifthand sixth semester) as Major 1 & 2 and Major 3 will be left in the thirdyear

(B) Optional Subject- (According to Index)

Studentswill have to select any 3 Minor Elective course as Minor 1, Minor 2, Minor 3 ineach semester.

Scope and Career Opportunities After Bachelor of Commerce

Today, there are several employment choices available after earning a BCom, as was previously described. After completing the course, one is not required to follow the conventional route of earning an M.Com or B.Ed. A junior accountant, finance executive, sales executive, etc., can be hired right away.

  • 1. Account Executive
  • 2. Tax Consultant
  • 3. Company Secretary
  • 4. Accountant
  • 5. Bank Manager
  • 6. Financial Analyst
  • 7. Business Executive
  • 8. Finance Manager
  • 9. Teacher, Accounts Manager
  • 10. Business Consultant
  • 11. Chartered Accountant
  • 12. Chartered Financial Analyst
  • 13. Certified Management Accountant