M.Sc.(Agriculture, Chemical and Soil Science)

M.Sc.(Agriculture, Chemical and Soil Science)

M.Sc. The study of Agricultural Chemistryand Soil Science course will be done through four semesters in a period of twoyears. There will be examination in every half of these semesters.

Scope and Career Opportunities After M.Sc.

After completion of the MSc Soil Science, a student may go on to pursue research in various fields related to education. They may also go for an M.Phil as There are numerous colleges that offer MPhil and PhD courses to MSc Agriculture students.

Below given are the various job profiles along with their average salary for the MSc Soil Science graduates.

  • 1. Horticulture Consultant
  • 2. Farm Manager
  • 3. Plant Geneticist
  • 4. Conservation Planner
  • 5. Landscape Professional
  • 6. Soil Technical Auditor
  • 7. Food Production Personnel