Master of Arts (M.A.)

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Master of Arts is a postgraduate course that generally takes two years to complete. Graduate candidates can only take an MA course. MA is a professional course that gives students a comprehensive knowledge of the topic they have selected.
  • 1. Hindi Literature
  • 2. Sanskrit Literature
  • 3. Economics
  • 4. Psychology
  • 5. Sociology
  • 6. History
  • 7. Home Science

M.A.Subjects available in the college for the former and latter

Scope and Career Opportunities After M.A.

Arts is one of the most popular streams in India as well as abroad. There are about 20 Lakh students every year that opt to pursue this program.Master in Arts is a 2 year postgraduate program that can be pursued by candidates who have completed a bachelor's degree in any discipline.This course provides candidates a strong academic background especially one who are preparing for civil service examination.

Historian Historians are academic professionals who study past events. They research, analyze and interpret historical dates and events and present their views within the public domain such as by publishing their papers. They even visit the historical sites to collect the data.

Archivists They are professionals who are responsible for acquiring, curating and collection of documents and other artifacts and other matters of historical and cultural importance.

Curator Curators are one who perform managerial roles in museums, art galleries or heritage centers, etc. they collect the arts for museums, art galleries and also arrange for the restoration of artifacts.

Archaeologists Archaeologists are professionals who study human civilization by examining historical data, collecting and inspecting artifacts, inspecting monuments etc. This job requires a lot of traveling even to outskirts locations.

Sociologists Sociologists are one who are involved in the study of human behavior and different societies to study their culture, beliefs, etc. They also build projects to test different theories of the society and to publish their research.

Social Worker Social Workers are professionals who work towards betterment of the society by helping the people in or families in distress. There are different kinds of social workers such as for acid victims, orphanages, girl children, elderly, etc.